started in 2002 between i.(athens) and r. (stans), third person, g.( athens) came and went, lots of extended gaps in between, gigs in slovenia, greece, bosnia, croatia, used and abused laptops, cello, bass, strings, synths, amplified objects, mics, effect petals, more gigs in turkey, serbia, italy, macedonia, bulgaria, various releases inbetween, happy and shitty times, a growing appetite for travelling, meeting people, having enough free drinks to raise some kind of hell (ours, usually) and lose ourselves in deep, obscure and possibly quite useless, cogitations about equally obscure aspects of the world.

as a whole things could be worse.

other people exist who are more fucked up than you, this is our deepest belief. and all too often, hope.


this is what we did so far:

anavyssos sessions cd-r (s/r), 2002
live mcd-r (1000+1 TiLt), 2003
second basement transmission mcd-r (1000+1 TiLt), 2003
space and other obsessions cd-r (1000+1 TiLt), 2004
soundtracks for ruins cd-r (1000+1 TiLt), 2004
live in sofia cd-r (s/r), 2007
of trains and funky shit (1000+1 TiLt), split release with eric boros, 2007

all this is available through a nice letter, a trade, an offer of hospitality, free meal, a nice chat, weird substances, love promises. we will even pay for the postage.

compilations: we took part in 1000+1 TiLt #8 (2003) cd and Accion Mutante cd (2007)

here's what you can download:
live in mostar (03)
second cumming
space poofter (02)
soundtracks for ruins (part) (04)
live in sofia (07)
live in pancevo (07)
impro session with eric boros (07)